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Montfort Social Institute (MSI), addresses three most important issues of our times – protection of human rights, sustainable development, and governance.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the Earth Charter and the Social Teachings form the basic framework of the task of MSI. The Institute uses these instruments to create a culture of respect and dignity of all persons, and of the earth.

Montfort Social Institute is also an Affiliate of The Earth Charter Initiative. Started in 2000, the Institute is also an Affiliate and a resource center of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, a Society engaged in education and community development all over India for well over a century.

From the Director

A New Journey begins

It is four and a half years since Montfort Social Institute started its tentative journey with a new agenda. While we had a dream and clear vision, we were not sure how to go about achieving it. But we plodded on, sometimes doing things that brought substantial changes in the lives of the poor that made us proud, but at other times reaching dead ends not knowing where to turn. But overall, we have many stories to narrate of new partnerships, spreading our foot prints far beyond we had imagined, and seeing people becoming empowered in ways in which we never thought possible.

Many of you have been a special part of our journey, as partners, friends, community leaders, team members, supporters… We are thankful for your encouragement, appreciation, support and collective effort that we have reached thus far. We are grateful to you for this.

The Institute is at the threshold of another important phase in our journey. With the inauguration of a new spacious premises, we shall be able to function even better, and be available to more people, not only in India, but also elsewhere in the world. It is our hope that the new building built with contributions from hundreds of people all over, will eventually become a ‘people’s place’ where all those who love justice, freedom, democracy and sustainable development can find the space and the ambience to articulate their ideas, promote them and create alternative ways in which the world can be organised. Above all the poor and the victims of injustice will find a place here. As Louis Marie de Montfort whose name we bear would love to have it.

Varghese Theckanath S.G