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Human Rights Education

Human Rights Education (MSI-HRE)

The Programme imparts knowledge and skills in human rights to students, youth, educators and cummunity leaders through workshops, celebrations and literature

Monfort Social Institute has also intiated a human rights education programme in six schools in Tazania, East Africa.


  • Provide skills and knowledge of human rights through seminars and lectures
  • Train and equip resource persons in human rights education
  • Create and disseminate human rights education resources
  • Celebrate human rights


Teachers Trained in HRE

Teachers from 14 schools of the Brothers of St. Gabriel(Hyderabad Province) participated in the three day training for Human Rigths Edcuation organised by MSI on 19-21 March, 2014 in Hyderabad. They were introduced to international law and human rights, curriculam planning in human rights education and pedagogical methodology for HRE.

Human Rights Day Celebrations

The 2013 Human Rights day was celebrated in 15 towns by MSI with programs organised by Domestic Workers and the Urban Poor Demanding their rights. Earlier Human Rights Day was celebrated with cultural and literary programs involving government schools in Hyderabad in 2010 and 2011. A Human Rights Fortnight was organised in 2012 involving over 42 schools in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Almost forty five thousand students participated. A special Poster on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights printed by MSI was released on the occasion by M.Guyav, President, FAO in Rome.