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Children’s Parliament

MSI – Children’s Parliament

MSI Children’s Parliament is a platform for children in slums in the 8-14 age group to cultivate democratic values and leadership styles, ability to work in a team to address issues of children and the community, self-reliance and soft skills. Children of a neighbourhood of 25-30 families are organised into a Children’s Parliament, with each unit having a minimum of 20 children as members. Children’s Parliament is an opportunity for children to speak for the children, by the children and of the children.

Slum Community Students Mentor
Fakhirwadi 34
Bollu Rajini
V.C. Lodge 22
Mohammad Nowsheen Sulthana
O.U Campus – 5 21 Farhana Begum
O.U Campus – 6 22
Kunkatla Bhagya
Chintal Basti 26
Mounika. Tunga
V.C Lodge 25
Saroji Gnaneshwari
Khajabagh Huts 30 Moodakula Meenakshi
Saidabad 35
Dasaratha Lakshmi
Saidabad 20
Pallapu Swathi
Pottishriramulu Nagar 25 Mekala Sharada
Angadi Bazar 24
Sangamula Premalatha
O.U Campus – 4 26
Bandari Leelavathi
O.U Campus – 3 38
Shaik Asiya Fatima
Kamal Nagar 35
Mukkera Jayasree
Moosa Nagar 41
Mohamad Anees Fatima

What do we do?

“We, children of a neighbourhood in the slum, come together to study under a guide/mentor from the community. She helps us with our daily school homework and prepares us for the classes the next day. The two hours we spent together is also used to learn how to study, hygiene and good habits, how to understand neighbourhood problems and also larger national issues. We also learn how to respect parents and elders, how to take responsibility for cleanliness in our neighbourhood and other things. Gradually we form ourselves into a parliament, elect leaders by consensus to form a government with a Prime Minister and his cabinet. We meet once a month for the Parliament session. We discuss problems that affect us as children as well as issues that affect our locality. We write petitions to concerned departments of the district administration or Municipal Corporation to remedy the situation. We follow up these petitions with reminders and visits. We celebrate festivals of all religions, important national and international days such as children’s day, human rights day, women’s day,… We are growing in knowledge of our rights as children. We protect our rights as well as of other children. We want to grow up as citizens of our great nation with respect for all, just in our actions, and compassionate in our attitudes.”