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Montfort Social Institute in support and solidarity with Association of African students in India


A meeting was organized at  Indra Park ,Hyderabad in protest of the mob attack on a Tanzanian student at Bangalore India. There were many social activists and human rights organizations extended their support and solidarity to the African student community. The leader of the African students association asserted that we do condemn the attack on the student and there has to be justice done immediately. He reminded the African student community ,that India has a large population much larger than the whole of Africa and therefore one incident should not destroy our appreciation for India and crime has no colour or no country, there has to be justice done. We need to respect one another. He asserted that we are here to study and India is helping us to educate ourselves. He requested that the best way that India can help Africa is educating us and empowering us.20160206_110332

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