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Maundy Thursday Celebrations

MSI organized a unique leadership training program today that is celebrated the world over as the Maundy Thursday. After a session on leadership styles such as Autocratic, Participative, Transformational, Charismatic and Laissez-faire with examples for each, the program focused on Servant Leadership. It was an experiential learning with everyone washing the feet of one another. We saw the building contractor Mr Sudharshan who is a devout Hindu bending down to wash the feet of our watchman; 83 year old Fr John washed the feet of our cook Rama; Assist. General Bro K M Joseph washed the feet of of young Bala; Sanjeev the young agnostic in the group washed the feet of Padma who is our sanitation worker; the Director washed the feet of our driver Vamsi…
Sharing the experience after every one had finished, one said “This experience has created a new bond sisterhood and Brotherhood among us”. Another said, “This helped us put aside our differences of caste, position, gender, age, position, etc to see one another as human beings who are equal in dignity and worth”. Another expressed the wish that “Today will be the beginning of our struggle for a new society where equality of all, justice for all, and peace among all will be a reality “. The session ended with the words of Jesus at the last supper : “I who am your leader and teacher have washed your feet… Go …wash one anothers’ feet” – the gist of servant leadership. The program concluded by sharing a fellowship meal together.


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